RC25 Series

RC25 Series

  • Hausing diameter 25mm.
  • İt has 6 to 56 lines.
  • 2 amp and multiples can be combined.
  • Supports video, sensor, power, ethernet signals.
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Capsule Type Slip Ring REC – Model RC25 series OD:25mm

RC25 Series capsule type Slip Ring can be used in any electromechanical system that is requiring unlimited, continuous rotation for transmitting power and/or signal data from a stable structure to rotational structure.With a case diameter as 25 mm, the product can be easyly mounted on any end point or in any structure.These products, that have aluminium case and many types of flanges though. Also, the fiber brushes do not require lubrication and maintenance, almost no wearing down during its lifelong.This type of slip ring suses a bunch of fiber brush technology in the ring and a few of the brushes and rings contact are provided on a point. This ensures long life and uninterrupted transmission.


Cable Length, Mechanical Design, Flange Option, IP Class, Operating Temperature, Cable Output Point, Different Current Values, Case Options as AL or ABS, Military Standards.


Outer Diameter is 25mm. It has 1-56 channels. However it can be produced up to 112 channels specifically. It can be combined as 2 , 6 or 10 amperage and multiples on power circuits. It supports all the models of video, kontrol, sensore ,power, ethernet signal channels.It is convenient to use according to all of the signal protocols. It has gold contacts and silver brushes, stainless steel body.

Electrical Informations

Features Values
Rated Voltage 240VDC/240VAC
Rated Current 2A/ring
Cable Size AWG28 or AWG26 for 2A; AWG22 for 6A; AWG16 for 10A, color coded, PTFE insulated
Cable Length 250mm
Dielectric Strength 500VAC@50Hz, 60S
Insulation Resistance  1000MΩ/500VDC
Electrical Noise 0.01Ω


Mechanical Informations

Features Values
Operating  Speed 0~300rpm
Operating Temperature -20°C - +80°C
Operating Humidit 60%RH or higher
Contact Material Precious Metal
Frame Material Metal


Standart Product List of RC25 Series

Models Body (L=mm) Rated Current Number of Total Circuit
RC12.S0602 12,4  14 2A 6
RC12.S1202 12,4 19,5 2A 12
RC12.S1502 12,4 23 2A 15
RC12.S1802 12,4 23 2A 18


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