RH12 Series

RH12 Series

  • Bore diameter :  12mm
  • It has 2 to 20 lines
  • Suitable for 1000Mbit transmission.
  • It provides 150/500 rpm speedity
  • It provides Ethernet, EtherCAT, Profinet, Sercos, Powerlink and Canbus transmissions designed for high and fast data transmission. 
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Hollow Shaft Type REC Slip Ring – RH12 Ethernet Series ID : 12 mm

This type of slip rings with the centre-hole and Ethernet transmission can be used alone or in combination with any electromechanical system that requires unlimited continuous rotation when transferring power and / or signal data from a fixed structure to a rotating structure. Products inner diameter is 12mm and outer diameter is 56mm and can be pivoted on a shaft easily. It provides Ethernet, EtherCAT, Profinet, Sercos, Powerlink and Canbus transmissions designed for high and fast data transmission. Fibre brushes are virtually lubricant and maintenance-free, with virtually no abrasion for lifetime use. Suitable for 1000Mbit transmission and equipped with RJ45 / M12 connectors for plug and play use. CAT5E, CAT6 or CAT7E cables can be selected by the customer. Depending on the models, these products have an aluminium or abs body and are very easy to assemble having many different flange structures. By combining signal and power lines, specific current and multiples value can be made. In this type of slip ring, a group of fibre brush technologies are used and there are several points of contact between the brushes, thus ensuring long life and uninterrupted transmission.Slip ring can be integrated with complete fluid rotary transmission. Each slip ring is tested for transmission lines besides the standard controls before delivery.


Mechanical Design, Flange Option, IP Class, Operating Temperature,Different Current Values, Case Options as AL or ABS , Military Class Standard.


The product has a hole diameter of 12mm and 1 and 2 Ethernet and maximum 32 lines in standard production. In the case of special manufacturing, the number of conductors is produced more. The lines can be joined in multiples of 2A and 10A. Optional operating speed operating speeds are 150 rpm and 500 rpm. Gold rings and silver brushes. ABS or Aluminium Body.

Electrical Informations

Features Values
  Power Signal
Rated Voltage 440VAC/VDC 440VAC/VDC
Insulation Resistance ≥1000MΩ/500VDC ≥1000MΩ/500VDC
Cable Size AWG16#Teflon AWG22#Teflon
Cable Lenght  Standard: 300mm  
Electrical Noise  <0,01 Ω  

Mechanical Informations

Features Values
Operating Speed 150rpm / 500rpm
Operating Temperature  -30°C~+80°C
Operating Humidity 0~85%RH
Contact Material Precious Metal 
Frame Material Aluminium
IP Class IP51



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