RH25 Series

RH25 Series

  • Bore diameter :  25mm
  • It has 2 to 48 lines
  • 10 amp and multiples on power circuits can be combined.
  • It provides 250/500 rpm speedity.
  • It has gold contacts, stainless steel body.
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REC Hallow Shaft Slip Ring- Model RH25 Series Inner diameter : 25 mm 

RH25 Series central hole Slip Ring can be used in any electromechanical system that is requiring unlimited, continuous rotation for transmitting power and signal data from a stable structure to rotational structure. With a hole diameter as 25mm, the product can be easyly mounted on a shaft. Also, the fiber brushes do not require lubrication and maintenance,almost no wearing down during it's life time.This type of slip ring uses a bunch of fiber brush technology in the ring and a few of the brushes and rings contact is provided on a point. This ensures long lifetime and uninterrupted transmission.


Cable Length, Mechanical Design, Flange Option, IP Class, Operating Temperature, Cable Output Point, Different Current Values.


Inner Diameter:25mm, Outer Diameter:78 mm The lenght of the slip rings depend on the number of channels. It has maximum 48 channels. It can be combined as 10 amperage and multiples on power circuits. Power and signal channels are used in same connector. Safety can be provided for all combinations. It is convenient to use according to all of the protocols. It has gold contacts, stainless steel body.

Electrical Informations

Features Values
  Power Signal
Rated Voltage 380 VAC 240VAC/VDC
Insulation Resistance ≥1000 M Ω/ 500VDC ≥500 M Ω/ 500VDC
Cable Size isolotion PVC or PE  AWG22 silver coating, PTFE isolation
Cable Lenght  500mm Standard: 500mm  
Dielectric Strength 500VAC@50Hz,60s  
Electrical Noise   ≤10mΩ  

Mechanical Informations

Features Values
Operating Speed 250/500 rpm
Operating Temperature  -20 C ~ +80 C
Operating Humidity 60%RH or more
Contact Material Precious Metal
Frame Material Metal
Torque 0.1 N M for -6 version, 0.03N M is added for each 6 Ring
Protection Class IP51, IP54, IP65 Standard: IP51, Optional: IP54, IP65

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