Custom Design

Here are the Customized Solutions to Meet the Exact Requirements of Your Applications´╝ü

In cases where Special Production is required to be solution for a very special product application, we were effective for providing non-standard electrical structure and all product features on specific application where standard volume products do not work best in different physical dimensions.

As a specialist slip ring manufacturer and rotary joint manufacturer, our custom solutions and over 1000 models are customized to meet the exact requirements of your project.

Custom Made Products may have high volume requirements. Time and costs may be changable.

We produced very different products on time and under budget.

A very extensive inquiry process is made to understand the exact application, constant contact is made with the customer throughout the process to understand your ideas for the right solution on your specific application.

Our reputation is flawless with our experience of more than 35 years. We keep high standards to ensure our products meet or exceed your requirements.

Our qualified, reliable and accommodating team provides high values. So you can have what you need on time.

Every order is quality checked before it is shipped, and we try to keep you informed from order to delivery.

- We Focus on Our Customers

- Quick response to requests

- We offer standard sizes or custom solutions on many of the products

- Expert salespeople

- Affordable pricing

- Quality control

Not everything invented yet. Our customers challenge ‘Clean It Up' every day with in different applications that require innovation and well thought out product solutions. Contact us, we may have done this before, if not, we promise a direct effort and a clear response.

We produced very interesting products on time and under budget.


Just send an e-mail to so we can support your special request.

Our experts are here for you!

*Depending on the product type, the minimum quantity requirement may apply for some products.

Custom Design