Capsule Type High Current

Capsule Type High Current

  • Housing Diameter:  22 mm and 25 mm
  • The high-current capsule type slip rings makes huge amount of power transmission.
  • It has 2 to 12 lines
  • It provides 150 rpm speedity.
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REC Capsule Type High-Current Slip Ring Model RC Series Body Diameter: 22 mm and 25 mm

The high-current capsule type slip rings are designed for making huge amount of power transmission in small places.This product can be used in any kind of electromechanical system which requires unlimited, continuous rotation when transmitting the power from a fixed body to a rotating structure. The product having a body diameter of 22mm and 29.8mm can easily be mounted from the body to the end point structure or into a pipe. These are very easy products in terms of assembly and which have aluminium or abs body according to their models and have many different flange structures. This product, which is designed for industrial using, is generally used in machine industry, crane applications and defence industry. Fibre brushes are almost lubricant and maintenance-free, with virtually no wear for lifetime usage. In this type of slip ring, a group of fibre brush technologies are used and there are several points of contact between the brushes and the rings. Thus long life and uninterrupted transmission is provided. Before the delivery of each slip ring, high current shock test is performed beside the standard controls.


Mechanical Design, Flange Option, IP Class, Operating Temperature, Different Current Values, Case Option as AL and ABS, Military Class Standard.


The body diameter is 22mm and 29.8mm and in standard production it has between 2 and 12 lines.This product is produced up to 72 conductors in special production and may be combined in the power circuits in multiples of 10A.150rpm working speed is provided. Gold rings and silver brushes.ABS Body.

Electrical Informations

Features Values
Rated Voltage 0~600VAC/VDC
Insulation Resistance ≥1000Ω/500VDC
Cable Size 10A=AWG#16;20A=AWG#14;30A=AWG#12;
Cable  Lenght Standart 300mm (and requested sizes)
Dielectric Strenght 500VAC@50Hz, 60s
Electrical Noise <0.01Ω

Mechanical Informations

Features Values
Working Lifetime 10 Million RPM
Rated Speed  150rpm
Operating Temperature -30°C~80°C
Operating Humidity 0~85% RH
Contact Material Precious Metal
Frame Material   PBT
Torque 0.1N.m/6rings
Protection Class IP51


Standart Product List of Capsule Type High Current

RC22 Standard Product List

Model Body (mm)  (L=mm) Nominal Current Number of Total Circuit
      10A 15A 20A 30A 40A  
RC22.P0210-ABS 22 26 2         2
RC22.P0310-ABS 22 33 3         3
RC22.P0410-ABS 22 43 4         4
RC22.P0215-ABS 22 45   2       2
RC22.P0315-ABS 22 45   3       3
RC22.P0220-ABS 22 45     2     2
RC22.P0320-ABS 22 45     3     3
RC22.P0230-ABS 22 45       2   2
RC22.P0330-ABS 22 45       3   3


RC30 Standard Product List

Model Body (mm)  (L=mm) Nominal Current Number of Total Circuit
      10A 15A 20A 30A 40A  
RC30.P0610-ABS 29,8 65 6         6
RC30.P0415-ABS 29,8 66   4       4
RC30.P0615-ABS 29,8 66   6       6
RC30.P0420-ABS 29,8 66     4     4
RC30.P0620-ABS 29,8 66     6     6
RC30.P0430-ABS 29,8 66       4   4
RC30.P0630-ABS 29,8 66       6   6
RC30.P0240-ABS 29,8 66         2 2
RC30.P0340-ABS 29,8 66         3 3
RC30.P0810-ABS 29,8 78 8         8
RC30.P1010-ABS 29,8 78 10         10
RC30.P1210-ABS 29,8 78 12         12


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